Drum Circle

2018 Drum circle dates:

May 5 (rain 6)  and September 15 ( rain 16)

10 am – 5pm

 Event includes: Demonstrations, Vendor and Guided Drum Circle


Come prepared to have fun dancing and drumming on The Greene!

This family event will be fun-filled and enlightening, so come on out and join us! Bring your favorite percussion instruments and your best energies! Don’t have a drum? We’ve got you covered! There will also be vendors selling handmade drums, crystals, henna body art, tarot card readings, and other Drum Circle essentials. A lesson on the use of crystals and rocks and a belly dancing session highlights the Drum Circle each year. More than 50 people attend and Johnson states that they play for about an hour, and as facilitator, he tries to combine the individuality of the experience with a group harmony.











The spring Drum Circle Event May 5 (rain 6)

The Fall Drum Circle Event September 15th (rain 16th)


This is a mock schedule please check back closer to event to see this years schedule.

Events: 10 am- Yoga with Lee Anne Irizarry

              11 am- Meditation with Shari Sanahi

              12 no- Toning with Colin Murphy

               1 pm- Djembe’ Workshop with Conrad Kubiak

               2 pm- Zumba Session with Mark Cooper

               3pm- Drum Circle with Brian Johnson


Vendors:   Spirit In The Wood Drums, Heart Revolution Yoga, Angel Healers, Reflexology, Tai Chi, Belly Dance, Tarot Psychic Guidance, Reiki Energy Healing, Chiropractic, Interactive Nutritional Health, Fine to Fab Spiritual Guidance, Willow Hill Percussion, Henna Art, Acupuncturist, Children Creative Movement, Daniel Ralph Myers, The World Is Yours Metaphysical Goods, Energy Therapist, Psychic Medium Artie Hoffman

For info: legenddrumcircles@yahoo.com



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