The Merry Goldfinch



The Merry Goldfinch & Mia’s Cozy Cove

*Cozy slippers and socks for the entire family, featuring Snoozies!®

* Unique, Artisan, and Novelty Décor, Drinkware, and Accessories

* Fashionable, Functional, and Tech Friendly Handbags, featuring Chala, K. Carroll, and Noelle

*Artisan & Unique Fashion Jewelry, featuring Anne Koplik Designs

*Rain Capes and Umbrellas

*Seasonal hats, footwear, and related, featuring Tidewater® and SunNSand®

Shop online with home delivery or pick up at store options


  • Shoppe #19 on the Walking Map
  • 609-377-5139
  • Visit their Facebook
  • Visit their web site


walking map

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