Shoppe #25- A Tour of Italy

A Tour of Italy in Historic Smithville

A Tour of Italy is a unique Italian themed shop located in the midst of a quaint town full of other interesting gift shops, boutiques and eateries.

At A Tour of Italy you can find a variety of goods! From Italian Pride chatchkies to beautiful religious jewelry and inspirational items. A Tour of Italy ties in a nostalgic feeling you may remember from Nonna’s house, to the old school New York Italian memories of drinking a Manhattan Special from the corner store. You will learn about different Italian culture every time you walk in just by the conversations shared by customers in the shop. He calls it sauce, she calls it gravy. He’s a Philly Italian, she’s a Jersey Italian. Whether it’s Sicilian pride or love of Calabria we try to celebrate all areas and interests of the beautiful country Italy. And not to be forgotten the love of our beautiful country The United States of America who has a large population of Italian-Americans!

Historic Smithville Walking Map

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