December in Smithville

December in Smithville is a winter wonderland! When you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, plan a day at Smithville to slow it down, enjoy your family and be reminded of the simpler pleasures of the holidays. Smithville in December is just what your holiday’s need!

Store Hours for December 1 – 23:
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday: 10am to 7pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 9pm
Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Dec. 24: 10am to 3pm
Dec. 25: closed 

Store Hours for December 26th – Jan 1
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday : 10am to 7pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am to 8pm
Sunday: 11am to 7pm

Dec. 24: 10am – 3pm
Dec. 25: closed 
Dec. 31: 10am-3pm
Jan. 1: 12, noon to 6pm

Light Show hours: (free event)
To make the Light show available to everyone and with concerns of social distancing we are showing the light show Every day of the week Monday – Sunday 5:30 to 8:30. **** A reminder of shop hours… Monday – Thursday 10am -7pm. Friday and Saturday 10am -9pm and Sunday 11am – 7pm. 

Magic Talking Tree: (free event)
Saturday Dec. 5th, 11th and 18th  from 12:00 – 7:00

Sunday December 5th, 12th  and 19th  from 12:00 – 6:00

Dickens Fest an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” 

Saturday, November 27, at 1pm and 7pm. Sunday, December 28th, at1pm . Sunday, December 28th, at 1pm. This is a free fun holiday event at Smithiville!

Come and celebrate the “Spirit of Christmas” with us! Don’t miss this original musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ charming holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol’, by Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company as part of the Arts on the Move program.  You and your family and friends are invited to join us for this immortal heartwarming tale of Ebenezer Scrooge’s journey from greed to redemption that will surely raise your spirits and warm the cockles of your heart as you travel through time with the Ghosts of Christmas and witness the ultimate transformation of this miserly old skinflint into jolly Father Christmas, himself! 

   The cast of the shows will include actors from the Riddlesbrood Touring Theatre Company troupe along with many children of all ages from the community, with a rousing Christmas carol sing-along playing a featured role in the production

December 4th is Hospitality Night:
Each year the shoppes at Historic Smithville thank their loyal customers with a Hospitality Night of Discounts, Refreshments, Live Entertainment and Raffles. This year Hospitality night begins at 6:00pm. 

December 9th is Girls Night Out:
December in Smithville has something for the Girls too! An evening for the ladies to shop and celebrate the Holiday season together. There will be wine and cheese, raffles, discounts and other benefits for evening shopping. Grab your best girl friend and come join us! 

Learn more about our events below:

Light Show on the Lake (Thanksgiving thru Jan 5th)…Over 120 Christmas Trees made from over 50,000 Christmas lights, magically float on Lake Meone in the center of Historic Smithville. The moment darkness falls, an orchestrated show of lights and music is played out across the lake. The lights seem to dance and chase each other to the music all the while reflecting of the water’s surface. This show can be seen from either side of the village as well as the bridge.

Mrs. Claus reading stories to the children… Many children get a little scared of Santa so Smithville decided to bring you the softer side of the family. Mrs. Claus is a simple elderly German woman with grey hair and a breathtaking, handmade red dress. She has taken a little time away from helping Santa to make her very own public appearance right here in Historic Smithville. We have transformed the antique arcade (#65 on the Walking Map) into a Christmas area fitting for Mrs. Claus. Between the hours of 1:30 and 4:30 every weekend in December she will sit and read stories to the children, take pictures and chat with you and your children about the upcoming holiday.

Magic Talking tree near the Smithville Train

The Magic Talking Christmas Tree… If you are having trouble locating Mrs. Claus, you can always ask the Magic Tree. You heard me right!! Next to the Smithville Train Station an over sized Christmas tree is brought in from Santa’s private forest. This beautifully decorated Christmas tree awakens to talk with you and your children about the upcoming holidays and, well, anything you might want.

Right next to the Magic Talking Tree the Smithville Train that has decorated it’s tracks for the Holiday’s. For $3.00 per person you take a 6 1/2 minute ride on the outskirts of Smithville on this fun, whimsical train. Both the train and carousel are open village hours *weather permitting throughout the month of December.(*Below 40 degrees , rain or snow ) To call in advance and check please call 609-748-8999.

S’mores on the Greene (small fee to purchase s’more packet)                                   Friday, Saturday and Sunday
S’mores on the Greene….each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the month of December you can find us making s’mores around the fire pits on the Greene. For a small fee you will purchase your own s’mores packet and stick and make delicious yummy treats or just gather with us and enjoy weather permitting ( high winds or rain are the only thing that will prevent this event)

Mrs. Claus Reading stories to the children (free event)
dates to be annouced * From 1:30 – 4:30


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