10 Things to do with Kids

Top 10 Things To Do with Kids at Historic Smithville

1. Antique Arcades
Throughout the Village at Smithville there are 3 fun and unique Antique Arcades. Each of these have a wide variety of old fashion and new games to play for one or two quarters. Forgot your quarters? No worries, every arcade has a change machine as well. Get your fortune told, race with your partner, or win a prize!

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2. Amusement rides
All Aboard! Hop on our famous train ride with family, friends, and kids of all ages to take a tour of the village. The 7 minute train ride is $2.00 per person and is a perfect way to start your day at Smithville. After the train, a short walk away is Smithville’s quaint carousel ride where you and your family can choose any of the fun animals to ride! Also $2.00 per person.

** Hint: children who get their hair cut at the Smithville Barber Shoppe located right next to the train get a ticket for 1 free train or carousel ride. **
Along with the train and carousel,  the paddles boats opened seasonally. The paddle boats let you drift through the beautiful Lake Meone for 30 minutes for $10.00 a boat. Life jackets are provided and each boat fits 1 to 4 people. These boats are perfect to ride on a cool day to relax and float along the water right along with the ducks and turtles. 


3. Gem searching
Santa Fe East, one of the 60 Shoppes in the Village has a magical bin were your children can pick out beautiful gems and stones. They have a very fancy little brown sack for you to place the gems that you pick out in as well!

Rock mining

4. Shell We:
Hermit crabs! Hermit crab shells and hermit crab houses and hermit crab food…Well you get the idea. Even if  your not in the market for a new pet they are a lot of fun to visit and check out all of the colorful hermit crabs hanging around.

Hermit Crabs

5. Old Fashion Games
As you walk through the Village there are many different fun stops with interactive games for any age.  The Old Fashioned Shooting gallery, whether you are beating your high score or just watching the targets interact, is a great stop along the walk through Smithville. Also there are the remote controlled boats where kids sail their boats throughout Lake Meone, and remote control cars for $.50. Pick your favorite color boat/car… and the race is on!

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6. Quarter Rides
Sporadically throughout Smithville you will find different themed coin rides, including a fire truck, yellow punch buggy, and a horse carriage.  Did you know that quarter rides were invented in the 1930’s? Smithville’s are not quit that antiqued, but we can assure you you wont find any like ours around the area! The kiddie rides are a nice break from shopping and a fun surprise to find for the kids. 

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7. The Candy Store
I’m sure you remember the Smithville Sweet Shoppe! We now have 2 candy shoppes and both are worth a visit. What some people may not know is The Village Sweet Shoppe has a magical room in the back of the shoppe that is full of nostalgic candy! Your kids can eat the same candies  that you enjoyed on a visit to Smithville 40 years ago. Buttons, root-beer barrels, wax soda pops and of course old fashion flavored candied sticks.


8. Turtle Visits/ Wild life
Turtles and Ducks and Rosters …oh my!  You may not know, but Lake Meone is home to many fish and turtles. During the season, many turtles will come up to the shore of the lake. After pizza at Costello’s the crust can be dropped into the water and you will see all the fish gather to eat it. The Roosters and ducks are a lot of fun to watch and babies are here many months of the year.(we do advise not to feed or touch: they easily mistake fingers for food )


9. The Greene
The Greene is in the center of the Village among the shoppes and is a perfect area for letting kids play about freely.  When the weather is nice, parents can sit on the Gazebo for some shade and relaxation and watch the kids run around!

The Greene Edit

10.Scoops’ Ice Cream
A summer day would not be complete without some ice cream. Actually… any day is not complete without Ice Cream! Stop by Scoops Ice Cream to try on of their famous sundaes, or a scoop of their wide variety of ice cream flavors. You can enjoy your sweet treat inside of Scoops, or take it on our boardwalk benches out front.


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