5 Vegetarian Snacks in Smithville

Calling all vegetarians! Did you know there are a bunch of yummy snacks/meals to eat here at the village? Almost every eatery has one or more options for vegans and vegetarians. Here’s a list of the top 5:

  1. Celia’s Cuban Caribbean Kitchen
    Try a spinach and cheese empanada, tostones or yuca with sauces, or a cheese stuffed croquette! Celia’s Kitchen also has an alternating daily menu filled with unique specials and dishes, like their amazing butternut squash soup on Monday!Celia's Kitchen
  2.  Eggplant Rollentini from Smithville Inn
    Looking for a place to have dinner? Smithville Inn has a few delicious vegetarian options, but the Eggplant Rollentini definitely topped our list. If that doesn’t suit you, the servers and chefs are very flexible with more options.
  3. Veggie Spring rolls from Fred and Ethels 
    These springs rolls are perfect for an appetizer and a beer. 4 veggie spring rolls with a delicious dipping sauce is one of our favorite afternoon snacks while shopping or meeting up with friends. Sit at the bar, high tops next to the fire place, or the dining room.
  4. Margarita Pizza from Costellos
    If you’re tired of regular pizza, switch it up and get a margarita from Costellos. Fresh tomato and perfectly thin crust makes this pizza perfection.
    Costellos vegetarian options
  5.  Peanut Butter from Smithville Peanut Butter Co.
    Did you know peanut butter is extremely packed with protein? The Peanut Butter Shoppe has tons of different flavors of homemade peanut butter. They even let you try flavors out in the store to make sure you find your favorite
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