Chic Shoppe

 Chic Shoppe

A Chic Shoppe

How do you define “chic?” Fashionable, attractive, style meets elegance. A Chic Shoppe is exactly what it declares itself to be! The shoppe boasts an array of elegant yet affordable accessories, including designer handbags, eye-catching costume jewelry, and personalized watches. It is also Smithville’s go-to place for Avon products.  The latest addition to their merchandise are purse-style pet carriers in stylish prints and various sizes, perfect for traveling with small pets comfortably.

What to expect: AVON products, bug guard, cosmetics, perfumes, facial creams, bath & hair care items, fashion jewelry, handbags, hair clips, flat wallets, purses, duffle bags, fashion luggage and more.

  • Shoppe #4 on the Walking Map
  • 609 404 0015
  • Visit their Facebook

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