Earth Day Hosted by Go Green Galloway

In a harmonious blend of eco-conscious shopping and festive celebration, Go Green Galloway is thrilled to announce the third annual Earth Day Green Market, taking place on Friday, April 26, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the                      Village Greene in Historic Smithville.

Seven years ago, Go Green Galloway launched the Green Market, a summer farmer’s market that quickly became a local staple. In recent years, the organization decided to enhance this market by introducing a special Earth Day event, now in its forth year. The Earth Day Green Market offers attendees a unique and vibrant experience that goes beyond the typical shopping affair.

Mary Crawford, co-chair of Go Green Galloway, highlights the distinction between the summer market and the Earth Day Green Market. “The summer market features produce like tomatoes, corn, and peppers. That’s not happening in April,” she notes. “Instead, it’s a great time for planting around the yard, with everyone thinking spring, so we focus on native plants.”

More than just ornamental, native plants play a crucial role in supporting South Jersey’s ecosystem. Multiple native plant nurseries and the Native Plant Society of New Jersey will be present at the Earth Day Green Market, guiding visitors on selecting plants that work well in various conditions, including shade and perimeter areas.

However, the Earth Day Green Market is not merely a plant show. Attendees can explore a diverse array of vendors offering crafts, artwork, and delicious food. From vegan and vegetarian treats from Café Blossom on the Go food truck to honey from Busy Bees, fresh bread from Baker’s Bounty, and pies from Dawn’s Delights, there’s something scrumptious for everyone.

A new and exciting addition to this year’s market is the Swap Stop. Inspired by the concept of Buy Nothing/Sell Nothing groups on Facebook, the Swap Stop encourages attendees to bring items they no longer need or find treasures for free. Anything left at the end will be donated to a local thrift shop, aligning with the event’s commitment to environmental and financial friendliness.

“The Earth Day Green Market is a fun and inspiring way to kick off the weekend,” says Crawford. “Even better? It’s right at Historic Smithville. We encourage everyone to go through the village when they’re done, make a night of it, and act like a tourist.”

Join us for a celebration of sustainability, community, and good vibes at the Earth Day Green Market on Friday, April 26, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Village Green at Historic Smithville, 615 E. Moss Mill Road, Smithville. For more information, visit

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