Tomasello Winery

Tomasello Winery

Historic Smithville is home to two of  Tomasello Winery satellite stores. Stocked with lots of their locally made wines .

One of our favorites is the 100% pure blueberry wine from cultivated high bush blueberries grown on the Atlantic Blueberry Company farms. The wine is semi-dry with soft and perfumed hints of blueberry. Recent studies prove Blueberry wine to be very high in antioxidants. To add a distinctive character to your sparkling wine, try a Tomasello Blueberry Wine Kir Royale. Pour one ounce of chilled Tomasello Blueberry Wine into the bottom of your favorite champagne flute. Top with Tomasello Blanc de Blanc Brut or your favorite bubbly. Serve this as a delightful aperitif before dinner.

Tomasello Winery is filled with delightful wine accessories, Tomasello Wineryspecialized gifts and tasteful gift items for the wine connoisseur in your family.  Once you step in the door you will find treasure every where…Artglass Stemware ,Edgar Berebi, Jeweled Stemware, Flasks,  Wine Bottle Carriers, Wine Stoppers, Wine Cork Cages, Wine Racks, Wine Bottle Holders, Decanters and Aerators, to name a few.

Need a little help finding the wine that is just right ? The friendly staff is always ready to guide you and help you find the perfect wine. To view the extensive wine list please follow this link.

Historic Towne of Smithville Satellite Store:
Shoppe #11 on the Walking Map

Village Greene Satellite Store:
Shoppe #75

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