Paint Colors of the Rooms at the Colonial Inn

Well you’ve been asking for it and finally here it is…


Many of our guests at the Colonial Inn, Historic Smithvilles on-site bed and breakfast, ask us the name of the paint color used in the rooms. The color of room 104, the Leeds Room is now the color of my kitchen, so I understand why you ask!  I finally tracked down all the information and compiled it here for you!  First you will need to know that all the paints are from Benjamin Moore.

The gold color that can be found in the main hallway and rooms 203, 103- The Noyes Room and 108- The Carriage Room, to name a few is Dorset gold (HC-8) described by Benjamin Moore as a gorgeous, garden-fresh marigold that infuses and room with sumptuous color.

The Green used in rooms like ..101- The Carousel Room and 201-The Johnson Suite, is  Avon Green HC-126 and Benjamin Moore explains that line of paints like this… This color is part of the Historic Color collection. A collection of 174 time-honored hues comprises our most popular palette. Steeped in tradition, the refined, elegant colors of the Historical Collection deliver timeless color that can be used in traditional as well as contemporary spaces. Inspired by the documented colors found in 18th- and 19th-century architecture, these classic, inviting tones continue to serve us well today.

The red that is found in rooms such as 104-The Leeds room and 106 the Great Bay Room, is County Redwood, and it is an exterior paint. Ohh and the color of my kitchen ;o)

The Blue that is found in rooms like 307 and 102 -The Baremore Room is ….Philipsburg Blue HC-159. Did you know that the ceiling in room 307 is painted blue like the walls?

And there you have it… all the wonderful colors that give our rooms the warm feel of our rooms to life!!

What is your favorite color at the Colonial Inn? What color would you like to see us paint a room here at the Inn? Have you painted any rooms these colors? Post pictures!

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