Friday Arrival and the Irish Festival

Irish Festival at Historic Smithville is Saturday, October 12 th and Sunday, October 13th from approximately 10am to 5pm. Setup for this festival begins on Friday. The parking lot will be a buzz with folks setting up for the festival. Half of the Village Greene parking lot will be used as a food court, an Irish market full of vendors and also a stage with live Irish music. There is limited parking for the public and our guests. This is why we have designated parking for our guests in the main lot near the Barn.

Inn-Barn-003Regardless of where your room is located, you will be parking in this reserved area by the Barn shown as # 98 on our walking map. We have held the spots by placing orange cones on the spots. You will simply move one of the cones that is holding the spot , occupy the spot and then place the cone behind your vehicle. Please bring your license plate number and make/model of your car with you to registration at the Colonial Inn.

If you are leaving the village on Saturday or Sunday and need to return between the hours of 11am and 5pm please keep in mind that it is a possibility that traffic will be one way on Moss Mill Road. I have prepared a map to help guide you. Please refer to the map  linked here. Once you have arrived back to our lot you will see a sign that says “lot full”, please know this does not apply to you. James will be stationed there, just let him know you are staying at the Colonial Inn and he will grant you entrance and show you to your spot.


Things to remember

  • Moss Mill becomes a one way street, view map HERE
  • Parking at Barn #98 on walking map…link to our walking Map HERE
  • Check-in is at the Colonial Inn # 96 on the walking map
  • Bring license plate number to check-in at Colonial Inn.
  • You are going to have a fabulous stay at Historic Smithville!

If you have any questions, please give us a call between the hours of 10am and 7 pm,     609-748-8999

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