Top ten holiday treats

The Holiday season is about spending time with you friends and family, beautiful holiday decorations, and of course…           delicious treats.

Smithville has a variety of delicious desserts for you to enjoy and (maybe) even share…;)

1.) Candied Walnuts-  If you have never tried a candied nut.. you’re in for a YUMMY treat! If you have then you know what all the fuss is about. Stop into the  The Sweete Shoppe  to buy some candied walnuts for the holiday’s. If your lucky they will still be warm because they make them fresh each day!!

2.) Peppermint Hot Chocolate- stay warm with The Colonial Inn’s amazing Hot Chocolate. If peppermint isn’t to your liking you can always add hazelnut, vanilla, or even raspberry! Don’t forget the whipped cream on top.

3.) Chocolate Covered Bacon- …..yes…. you read that right! Basically everything should be covered in chocolate, or bacon, so why not put them together! The House of Jerky sells chocolate covered bacon for the bacon lover in your family.

4.) Peanut Butter Cookies- These are NO ordinary cookies. The Peanut Butter shoppes peanut butter cookies are some of the most delicious around! Just walking into their shop here at smithville makes your stomach rumble with excitement. These oversized cookies will have you coming back for more…and more…and more!!

5.) Espresso Martini -The Espresso Martinis from The Smithville Inn are the perfect holiday cocktail to enjoy for a night out. With or without cream, the bartenders know just how to make them for your liking.

6.) Tour of Italy-— Lazaronni Amaretti Ciambelles ,Loacker Wafer,and  Tiramisu a Tour of Italy has all the best Italian treats. Stock up for some holiday gifts or enjoy them all yourself these treats are coming in hot!

7.)  Truffles- Tomasello Winery not only has amazing wine, but have you ever tried their rich, creamy truffles? They have a variety of flavors each for  $3.00

8.) Smores on the Greene- Every weekend in December join us in the Greene for bonfires and smores! Purchase your smore packet there then roast away and keep warm too.

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