Wedding Booklet

Hello and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

We at the Colonial Inn would like to introduce ourselves in the hopes that we can be of service to you, your family, and your friends.

The Colonial Inn is a 32  room Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of Historic Smithville.  Each of our rooms are designed to fit different needs with many lovely amenities. Every room has a private bath and comes with a continental breakfast served in a country basket.  Also included is an afternoon snack and complimentary refreshments throughout your stay including our “Café Favorites” and shopping discounts throughout the stores in the Village.

This packet will outline the specials that we offer to Brides and Grooms, an outline of the rooms we have, and useful amenities throughout the village.  We consider it a privilege to be a part of your special day and look forward to being of service to you.

                                                                   Thank you,

                                                                   Your Friends at the Colonial Inn



Room Holds:
The Colonial Inn will hold rooms for your wedding UP TO 4 MONTHS PRIOR TO the date of your wedding.  We understand this is before your invitations go out and respectfully suggest a “save the date”, or an email/text chain letter to make your guests aware of this important information.

Breakfast for every guest
Please know that breakfast is included for each of your guests and we serve it in a country basket each morning between 8-10.

  • Croissants and Muffins
  • Juice (orange, cranberry and apple, water also)
  • Coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea (along with sugar, milk, etc)
  • Flavored Yogurt
  • Butter, jelly, knives and spoons

Welcome Bags:
Some brides elect to put welcome bags in the rooms for guests attending the wedding.  We are happy to place them in the rooms free of charge.  We simply ask that you keep the bags generic in nature and do not include guests names on the bags (room numbers are acceptable).  Colonial Inn products, Smithville mugs, or magnets are available for purchase if you are interested.

Historic Smithville Shoppes and Services

The Historic Towne of Smithville and the Village Greene are home to over 60 specialty shoppes and 6 eateries.  Although all of the shops are unique and interesting we find that some can be specifically useful to a wedding party and have our absolute recommendations.

Our full service restaurants on site:

Services for you and your guests:

Great picture opportunities in the Village:

  • On the Carousel- we will be happy to stop business so you and your wedding party may get on the carousel to take pictures
  • Near the Train- we advise you do not sit on the train due to the chance of grease getting on clothing
  • On the Red Covered Walking Bridge located near the Barn
  • On the Bridge between the Village Greene and Historic Smithville


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